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Rules - PC & Internet Help

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Rules - PC & Internet Help

Post by D41V30N on Fri Oct 31, 2008 3:02 pm

The Rules are strict. Follow them or you will be issued a warning

1) No spamming.... Do not post unnecessary comments. Stick to the topic, and only post if you have something valuable to add.

2) No Flaming, Flaming is basically insulting someone in a harsh manner. Respect other members.

3) No controversial topics, Do not relate to Religion, Sexuality, or other offensive topics that may lead to issues among other members....

4) Any Explicit material in attachments will also not be tolerated, serious breaches of this rule which involve viruses may lead to a significant punishment, the computer the computer misuse Act 1990 will be upheld.

5) No hacking. The computer forum is prone to this. If we see any threads or replies related to hacking or how to hack, they will be deleted and an official warning issued.

6) Also, Do not make Duplicate topics...if your going to make a thread, scan through the forum and make sure someone has not already made a similar thread.

If anyone is caught breaking these rule, they will not be tolerated and will be issued a warning, several successive warnings will lead to a ban.

This sector, moreover, is for discussions about anything related to PC, Hardware, the Internet, Consoles and so on. Before creating a thread, you are requested to search through all the topics. If there is a similar thread, your thread may result in being deleted.



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