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Rules - M4DN3SS (Read After Registry) Empty Rules - M4DN3SS (Read After Registry)

Post by D41V30N on Fri Oct 31, 2008 6:01 pm


Hello and welcome to M4DN3SS Forums. I am D41V30N, your administrator and friend. First thing’s first; you may or may not be familiar to the appropriate conduct within the forums, therefore, I would like you to follow through the following rules before proceeding with the forums:-

Do Not Spam
You are requested not to spam within the forums. Spam refers to the following types of posts:
a) Posts that do not include any purpose or ideas relevant to the thread topic.
b) Posts which do not provide any suitable opinion or information.
c) Posts which do not make any sense at all.
d) Posts which are only posted with the very intention to increase your post count.
e) Posts that contains only a few words or a single line. Of course, few words or one liners may only be allowed if those few words manage to create an impact on the thread.
f) Posts with too much punctuation and grammatical mistakes, making them extremely hard to understand.
g) Posts that are in any other language other than English. This rule has been made as this is an English forum. However, words from other languages that most people are likely to understand may be allowed (e.g. certain Japanese, Spanish or French words). Nevertheless, if English is not your first language and you are having difficulty dealing with the language of English, then we understand and you would be allowed to use non-standard English, but only up to a certain point. If the post fails to conclude any sense, then I am afraid it would be considered as spam.

Do Not Duplicate Threads
You are requested not to create a thread which already exists. Before you create a thread, please search through the forums to check whether the same thread has already been created or not. You are only allowed to create a thread if the same thread does not already exist. However, if the thread has already been created, then you are requested to post in the previously created thread instead of creating a new one. Creating a new thread will only get the thread deleted. If you still persist on creating a new thread which already exists, you will be issued a warning. Also, if the previously made thread has been closed, do not create a new one. Know well that if a thread has been closed, it has been closed for a valid reason.

Do Not Double-Post
Double Post – it refers to creating another post when the previous post in the same thread was created by you. Double Posting will definitely not be tolerated in the forums. You are requested not to double post in the forums. Of course, “Journals” and “Imaginationland” are exceptions. “RP Sector” is also included in the exceptions list, unless indicated by the RP Starter that double posting is not allowed in a certain RP.

Do Not Post 1337 (LEET)
1337 (Leet) Language is strictly prohibited in the forums. Substituting “3” for “E”, “4” for “A”, “5” for “S” and so on are not allowed within the forums. However, they may be used to conceal certain words, i.e. words which are informal, or confidential. We understand that Google is able to hunt down much powerful information from the forums, therefore, if there are any words or verdicts that you would only want to stay within the forum bounds, you are allowed to use 1337 (Leet).

Do Not Post Shorthand English
You are earnestly requested not to post shorthand English within the forums. Shorthand English may refer to substituting “2” for “to/too”, “u” for “you”, “luv” for “love”, “lyk” for “like”, “tnx” for “thanks” and so on. Anyway, the basic rule is that substituting numbers/symbols for letters of the English Alphabet or shortening words is strictly prohibited.

No Offensiveness
Offending someone in the forums is strictly prohibited. Be it insulting them or badmouthing them, if you have a problem with something that someone has said or a certain someone specifically, you are strongly requested to keep it away from the forums. If you feel as though you really need to resolve the situation, do so through PM or e-mails – in a more civil manner. Respect other members!
Sexism, racism, or anything similar is also strictly prohibited within the forums. This forum is not the place where you come only to rant about the kind of people you hate.
Moreover, creating an account just to flame someone, or creating an account with an offensive username (usernames consisting of immoral content) are also not allowed.

No Religious Discussion Allowed
We will be very direct about it. Religious discussions are completely forbidden within the forums. Even in the Journal or the Royal Court, you will not be allowed to comment on any religion.

No Illegal Material Allowed
I believe you understand pretty well what we mean with the word “illegal”. Bringing illegal materials into the forums is strictly not allowed. Illegal material includes pornography, advertisements, or anything that may be disturbing to the members here. Moreover, posting any links which may lead to viruses or any malwares will lead to a direct ban.

Rules on Signatures
You are requested to keep your signature dimensions below 450 x 250 pixels, excluding texts and banners. If your signature image is found to be larger than 450 x 250 pixels, then it would be removed immediately. The maximum height that is permitted for your signature, including all texts and banners is 350 pixels. If the height of your signature exceeds over 350 pixels, then the option to show your signature will be turned off. Moreover, excessively large banners are not allowed. As long as the banners are smallish, they are fine.
Signatures which are too graphic may not be allowed as well, e.g. strong violence, complete nudity, grotesque orgy etc.

Forum Leaders
There are quite a few of us whom you can tend towards when you require any help about the forums. Know also that these are the very same people whom you should listen to if you are to remain away from trouble. One thing is for sure: never pick fights with them.


Super Moderator

Super Moderator

Black Joker
Super Moderator

Super Moderator

Super Moderator

But hey, administrators and moderators are neither your enemies, nor someone you should be afraid of. These people are great friends of mine, and provided that you behave, they will be great friends of you in no time as well.
For further information on the forums, please read the other rules.

We hope you enjoy your stay at M4DN3SS!

Your administrator,

Rules - M4DN3SS (Read After Registry) Zeratul_sig_001122

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