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What's your favorite visual novel?

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What's your favorite visual novel?

Post by D41V30N on Sat Nov 01, 2008 12:23 am

Visual Novel – It is an interactive fiction game featuring mostly static graphics (images), usually with anime-style art. Coomonly known as Dating Sims in the US and the UK, they are mostly adventure or simulation games. Most of them follows the traditional ‘click-read-n-play’ style. Most of the time, you take the role of the main character and you read the dialogues that appear on the screen, following the images that relate with the dialogues (be it the character you’re talking to or be it a scenery where the main character is looking to). And then, you click on the screen to read the next dialogues and so on. Nowadays, they even have voices of the characters and background music. That’s basically a visual novel.
Though visual novels are mostly used as hentai material, some of them earned positions as animes as well. Famous animes like Fate/Stay Night, School Days, Air, Green Green, and many others were derived from Visual Novels.

I just finished an H-Game, Hentai Game, but it's really a sensational one with the most touching story ever... It's known as Kana-Little Sister and the story is so touching that it made me cry. The story features a boy, Taka, whose sister, Kana, is infected with Chronic Renal Insufficiency and the doctor told him that she won't live for long. And thus, the story begins with them, and another girl named Yuka to add up some jealousy. I, as a man, never cried. But as they sensationally showed how the sister died in the end, a tear dropped from my eyes. It was that much sensational.
Anyone interested can download the game using a torrent [URL="http://www.mininova.org/get/382288"]HERE[/URL]
Don't worry - it may be a hentai game but the hentai parts doesn't show until the very late part of the game. It's purely the story that attracted me.

It is guaranteed to touch your hearts, fellers! Crying or Very sad It's a true favorite indeed!


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Re: What's your favorite visual novel?

Post by Safersin on Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:32 pm

I enjoyed the Key releases. Clannad, Kanon and Air. Those are... Very good. If you thought the anime was good then you'd love it.

Fate/Stay night was alright I guess but the three Key productions are simply wonderful.

[note: Kanon and Air are classified as Hentai]

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