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The Journal of the H

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The Journal of the H

Post by Ageon on Mon Nov 03, 2008 2:33 pm

"We are none of us alone..."

I wake up at 04:00 AM on week days. I brush my mouth and shower... I sometimes eat a biscuit or two then drive to work.
I am ordinary. Like you, I simply struggle through life hoping that when I see tomorrow I will be just a little bit better than I am today.

I try to fit in with those around me and put on different masks when I'm with different people. Who am I but a multitude of mes... competing for dominance over myself.... ok this sounds gay... this sounds really gay!!!

H here... starting a journal at last...

Nothing much has happened recently... S got arrested for public drinking and the Camry arrived last Saturday. P's girlfriend has been having her period three times a week (i.e. whenever he wants to have sex) and I'm still getting over Ch. Who dumped me... for not spending enough time with her... and paying attention to other girls... what a b***h. I probably deserved it but this is my journal not her's... so you'll probably only hear my side of the story.

Will be looking for a replacement for Ch over this coming weekend like I have been since the b***h dumped me... will let you know how it goes. M is still going out with an ex of mine J... we gossip about her. I know we guys like to call it men bragging about their conquests but it's still gossiping.

Pa is dating some new idiot and insists on talking about him. I just nod and smile and think about the next episode of Soul Eater which I hope to watch with Grim before the weekend. Grim's the only one who likes anime as much as me... But she didn't like Mushi-Shi so we're incompatible.

Ok... something you didn't know about me...

Recently I've taken to hugging my pillow as I sleep. I wake up in the morning and there it is between my arms. Don't read too deeply into this. It's probably because it's actually Ch's pillow... and I feel uncomfortable sleeping without her smell.

But you can trust me when I say that I absolutely do not miss her.

"...In this way there is no difference between me and my enemy
We are none of us alone"

Adieu - French.
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