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Rules - Debate Room Empty Rules - Debate Room

Post by D41V30N on Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:14 pm

M4DN3SS Debate Forum Official Rules

RULE ONE: Do not spam

A rule which applies to the forum generally. However, it will be made clear again. Spam can often find itself in the debate forum, as either a single post, or hidden within a post. Both will NOT be tolerated or accepted, and the whole post may be deleted. Several occurrences of this, will result in warnings.

RULE TWO: No debates about religion

This rule is here to protect the beliefs of other members. It may not be debated, or used as a point in debate.
After all: "You live with your religion and let me live with mine" - Get it!

RULE THREE: Respect the opinions of others

Everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions. Because of this, you are not to assault their opinions using methods such as slander or flames, even via PM. You may not direct your post against others' views, or deprive them of their right to an opinion.

RULE FOUR: Don't delete a post because you're post was put down

Don't post an opinion, and then delete it when someone has proven it worthless. All posts are valued, and maybe you or someone else can help back up your point to make it still valid. You should stand by your opinions and see them through.

RULE FIVE: Only serious debates are to be made

That means no debates about television or games. Also, debates which are aimed at other members are not allowed. Such debate titles could be 'Which TV program do you prefer; Buffy or Angel?', 'Which game is better; Tomb Raider or Hitman?' or 'Which administrator is better?' Threads which such titles will not be permitted here. TV/Game related subjects can be posted in their respective areas (Living Room for TV, Gaming for games). Member-based threads should not be posted anywhere at all.

RULE SIX: No racism...

Or any of the bad '-isms' that exist (such as sexism). No single person or group of people will be singled out of a debate, or debated against. Simple as.

RULE SEVEN: Provide references to quotes

Should you wish to use an external (ie not on M4DN3SS) reference or document, please ensure you provide a suitable link somewhere in your post. Failure to do so is against the laws of Copyright, which is a serious crime. Any posts that do not have a reference/source (including quotes from other members), will be deleted without reason and you receive a note of warning.

RULE EIGHT: About Swearing

Small amounts of inoffensive swearing is accepted. However, overusing it will not be tolerated. Also, if you wish to use such words, please write them down fully. There is little point in writing 's**t', as the meaning is obvious, so just type 'shit'.



These rules will most likely change during the course of time. Please make sure to read these rules on a regular basis to avoid confusion and prevent rule breaking. The thread will alert you if the contents have changed.


Spam is defined as:

1. One line posts or summaries.
2. Posts/parts of a post which is/are off topic.
3. 'L33T Sp3^k'.
4. Shorthand text (eg, 'u' instead of 'you')

Any post which contains spam of any kind, will be removed and the user responsible warned. Also, double posts will be considered spam, regardless of its content (posts which are forced to be double posts because a moderator has deleted the previous post, will not count and moderators can see this).

A Flame is a post which deliberately insults a member because of their beliefs. They will not be tolerated at all, and the responsible member will be warned immediately (and possibly banned).


Relevant information about religion is sometimes allowed in a debate, providing that it is relevant. It should not attempt to attack a belief, or show inconsideration to that belief. Each member is entitled to them (beliefs), and they will be shown respect. Again, overstepping this allowance will result in warnings/bans.

Also, trying to assert your own beliefs on other members is strictly forbidden. Do not make a post stating that your beliefs are greater than others, or you will face the same fate as above.

Now, I know there is quite a bit of information. However, it is important that these are followed, in order to preserve a friendly environment. We don't want members who are here only to infuriate others and cause problems.


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