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Gintama Empty Gintama

Post by Black Joker on Mon Aug 03, 2009 6:59 pm

It's quite good anime, I would say awesome... because of it characters and because it parodies other anime....
There are not that many anime parodies.... and this one does not parody only parody... it makes fun of, for example, Jackie Chan, Prison Break, etc....

So I think that it is quite good....

It does not really have any... the main line is that Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi work as Yorozuya... that means that they are taking any work to pay the rent they have for living in the building....

He's a great swordsman... but he became really lazy after those years and the only things that interest him are Money, Jump and his Scooter... Smile
He uses wooden sword that seems to be unbreakable.....


Super strong alien girl.... that uses an umbrella with a mini-gun in it... or something like that.... Smile
She likes Sukonbu, her dog Sadaharu.....


This guy that wears glasses looks like a really weak guy... and he is... Smile
His role in the party is to control money.... but whatever... and he is also Gin's pupil...
He likes to listen to Tsu Terakado.... and is the one that formed her fan club....

Other characters:

Zura Kotaro:
Former comrade of Gintoki, that does not like to be called Zura or anything else... he always replies
"Zura janai, Katsura da!" = "It's not Zura, it's Katsura!"

He also has a comrade, Elisabeth that is silent almost all the time....
Zura sometimes acts as Captain Katsura or Katsuo.... and likes old things = that does mean that he does not follow fashion... Smile

Sakamoto Tatsuma:

Another fromer comrade of Gintoki, that laughs a lot and does not care about anything.... also he's pretty dumb....

Ayame Sarutobi:

The girl that loves Gintoki and likes to be tortured... she is a sadist more than Okita....

Prince Hata:

This guy is an alien, that always appears when he can make the story funnier..... he get's often ignored...

Tae Shimura:

Shinpachi's older sister.... she's really strong.... Smile


Police forces led by Matsudaira and Kondo Isao...

Katakuriko Matsudaira:

Old guy that does care for his daughter that much, that he's willing to kill her bf because he thinks that she won't be happy...

Kondo Isao:

Guy called Gorilla for his appearance and idiocy.... he is the leader of Shinsengumi....
He's also trying to get Shinpachi's sister to marry him... but it does not work...

Hijikata Toshiro:

Vice-Captain of shinsengumi, that is said to be Devil Captain... he is always getting in fights with Okita....
He loves mayonaisse and it's it with everything...

Okita Sougo:
He is said to be the best swordsman in Shinsengumi.... he wants to kill Hijikata and uses Bazooka a lot....
He's the sadist and often fights with Kagura....

Sagaru Yamazaki:

Guy that is spy of Shinsengumi... he uses a badminton racquet instead of sword....

The volunter army that is trying to destroy the government...

Shinsuke Takasugi:

The leader of Kiheitai and former comrade of Gintoki.... he is said to be really strong, but he was never seen fighting in the anime...
He's the major antagonist in the series...

Bansai Kawakami:

The right-hand man of Shinsuke.... he is one of the most skilled swordsman in Kiheitai....
He is also skilled at playing shamisen.... writes songs and always listens to something in his earphones...
In shamisen, he has a weapon similar to Garrote... and hidden katana....

So that should be it... I really love the anime and I think that the one that likes comedy anime should watch it... Smile


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Gintama Empty Re: Gintama

Post by candyman on Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:06 pm

one of the most funny and emotional i have watched .
great anime , it is true it does not have plot or should i say there is but most of it is like filler. it is on going anime and i m 117 currently .

my fav characters are gintoki , kagura , hijikata.
actually i love all the character but mostly gintoki and he is like the only main character as hero which i ever liked

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Gintama Empty Re: Gintama

Post by Inu_The_Iao on Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:53 am

that series is okay... laughing is good for your health Very Happy

I like comedy a lot so... thumbs up for Gintama Very Happy

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Gintama Empty Re: Gintama

Post by D41V30N on Sat Sep 19, 2009 1:36 am

Just okay? This is one of the best comedy I have ever watched! I am in a state of pity for myself right now: Why the hell didn't I watch this series earlier!!!

The way they portray the expressions, and the uber-lame plots that they create, plus Kagura's lame voice acting. AWSM! AWSM anime!

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Gintama Empty Re: Gintama

Post by KhaLed on Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:33 am

^ agreed with dave-san lol I felt the same about not watching it earlier becoz I'm only at eps 63 now Razz

well my favorite is Gin-chan , katsura (zura) and Hijikata Smile

and from females : Kagura ... the cutest female character I have seen ever + her uniquely cute voice Ryojin
and the sister of the sword maker that made the sword that defeated the blind assassin ( his name probably nizou )

well I can tell that it is my favorite comedy anime Ryojin
and I really love the way they put emotions and fight scenes Ryojin

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Gintama Empty Re: Gintama

Post by Sponsored content

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