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BJ's products of boredom....

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BJ's products of boredom.... Empty BJ's products of boredom....

Post by Black Joker on Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:30 pm


  1. Old sigs - 1st page
  2. Some new sigs 1.- 2nd page
Story: Dark chronicles of chess

  1. The night moon did not rise


So.... I'll post here some of my sigs, maybe sometime, some of my stories....

Here goes sigs....
BJ's products of boredom.... 7516730

BJ's products of boredom.... 8886148

BJ's products of boredom.... 8489476

BJ's products of boredom.... 6175473

BJ's products of boredom.... 1873636

BJ's products of boredom.... 4000354

BJ's products of boredom.... 5936368

BJ's products of boredom.... 1247815

BJ's products of boredom.... 5534505

BJ's products of boredom.... 7091785

BJ's products of boredom.... 7883561

BJ's products of boredom.... 8065091

BJ's products of boredom.... 3047402

BJ's products of boredom.... 1687453

BJ's products of boredom.... 3814745

BJ's products of boredom.... 7041578

BJ's products of boredom.... 1692153

BJ's products of boredom.... 8515181

BJ's products of boredom.... 0923514

BJ's products of boredom.... 6503108

BJ's products of boredom.... 7136305

BJ's products of boredom.... 4949107

BJ's products of boredom.... 6328368

BJ's products of boredom.... 3962519

BJ's products of boredom.... 8060283

BJ's products of boredom.... 2843787

BJ's products of boredom.... 8681623

BJ's products of boredom.... 5512592

BJ's products of boredom.... 5138666

BJ's products of boredom.... 8959918

Those were the normal ones....
And now those without background.... you know what I mean...

BJ's products of boredom.... 6451033

BJ's products of boredom.... 5673356

BJ's products of boredom.... 5677486

BJ's products of boredom.... 7765210

BJ's products of boredom.... 8691100

I'm awaiting comments and I'll appreciate them...

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Black Joker
Black Joker
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BJ's products of boredom.... Empty Re: BJ's products of boredom....

Post by candyman on Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:51 pm

well u have done many different kind of works and they are great as always .

so far the most i liked are number 2 , 11 and 16

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BJ's products of boredom.... Empty Re: BJ's products of boredom....

Post by Black Joker on Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:56 pm

Thank you Candyman and here are my new two works....

One is the signature with Joker, that is this one...
BJ's products of boredom.... 4pv5fn

I do not really like the background on it and picture of Joker is too big....
On other side, I think that the text with knife looks really good....

And here is my new work... I have tried really hard to make it....
BJ's products of boredom.... Spd4pf

As you can see it's an animated sig.... there have been a lot of problems with it, like to animate those two persons (girls), to animate that fire in the text.... but once again, I would say that I like this sig....
Well, the only thing that bothers me, is that the animation does not go that smoothly.....

So, make suggestions of how to make it better or something like that....
Black Joker
Black Joker
M4DN3SS Moderator

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BJ's products of boredom.... Empty Re: BJ's products of boredom....

Post by Fatallystab111 on Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:58 pm

Wow!....Great job B.J...i love your work...also i love your new sig *thumbs up*.i like # 2,6,8,14,16,19,20 and @_@.....Still waiting for more....

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BJ's products of boredom.... Empty Re: BJ's products of boredom....

Post by Raito on Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:07 am

quite creative indeed BJ i'd say i like 2,3,7,8,9,14,16 and the last one number 5! i'd like see more of your work! keep it up!

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BJ's products of boredom.... Empty Re: BJ's products of boredom....

Post by Inu_The_Iao on Sat Aug 15, 2009 10:23 pm

amazing indeed.... Razz

the last signature what you made surely you can notice you have been worked really hard with that one Razz

and i always keep on wondering how can you make the ones without the back round Razz

i like most of the signatures here Razz
so keep up the good work kiddo Razz

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BJ's products of boredom.... Empty Re: BJ's products of boredom....

Post by KhaLed on Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:12 am

I liked the following ones Very Happy


and from the ones without background
2.4.5 Cool

BJ's products of boredom.... Heiryuseicopy1
Kuro's Creations...
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BJ's products of boredom.... Empty Dark chronicles of chess

Post by Black Joker on Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:36 am

So, long time not posted here....
Let's make it real, I'm now posting part of my new story.... you might not like it..... maybe it's a little longer than you would expect from me....

The night moon did not rise

It was the night moon did not rise. Even birds were not singing and no one
would have gone outside. Of course except monsters that do not feel fear. And on this day, full of dark powers, hatred, lies, death, he was born.
They named him Assirus and after his father Johann, so his full name was Assirus Johann von Bendria. Bendria was the city where this “cursed” kid was born. His parents hated him,
for not being perfect like his siblings, his siblings hated him for slowing them down and
others hated him for just being the cursed one.
Why the cursed one? Well because he was born on the day, when every sane person should
stay at home, the day when churches are burning, the day when storms are coming.
The Witching day. It was named after the most powerful people who use dark magic,
yeah, witches. Of course, there are others, like Acolytes, Necromancers, Dark Prophets,
Warlocks, Death Knights, Shadow Knights and the less powerful, named Disturbors.
There were more people that were able to use dark powers, but they were not classified as
“Dark magicians” because of the “Elimination law”. It said that anyone who uses
dark powers is dangerous for normal people and shall be executed when found.
That's why many people did not consider themselves as dark users.
And this guy, named Assirus, was just the one of those chosen ones, those who were able
to control dark powers.
Of course, when he was born, he was unable to control any of these powers. Even his
parents did not know that they have the future darkness user at home.
So, let's start from the beginning.

Like I said, he was born on the Witching day. Everyone discarded him since then, except
his family. They did not believe in dark curse and thought of him as same as his siblings.
At start at least. Then, after 2 years passed, even they started to hate him more and more.
There were many causes why, but the main was probably that he was unable use the
simple magic correctly. Yeah, when his siblings were 2, they were able to use simple spells,
like moving small things at will, summon small spirits, use magical arrows, etc.. Maybe they
did not know what they were doing, but they were using their powers.
But he was different. Second cause was because of his non-kid like acting.
He was more darker then others at his age, for example, when they payed visit to
the Poligrias family, he was playing with their daughter. She was playing with dolls and he
was doing experiments with insects, like trying to burn them, trying what will they do if you
destroy their wings, etc... Yeah, insects..... of course, he did not understand what
he was doing, yet.
Then, 1 year later, he was finally able to use a little of magic arts. Instead of this, he was
able to calculate. He understood numbers really fast and unlike his siblings, was able
to calculate simple equations. That's where his siblings started hating him as well, so they
pointed out his lacking at magic arts when he was praised.
His teacher {every sibling had one}, was one of those dictator types. “You have to do that
right now.”; “You cannot do that.”; “No waiting, no sleeping, keep your room clean and in order.” ; “Don't play with others and better study how to use magic!”; “Maybe you're good
in Maths, but that won't help you in real life!”; “Don't you understand what your destiny is?
Your destiny is to be a spellcaster, like everyone in this family! And if you don't like it, then
go to complain to your parents. I'm sure that they will make you understand!”.
Well, he was forced to do what he was told to, because when he tried to rebel, his teacher
punished him or send him to his parents. His parents never helped, you can say that they
rejected him. He was not able to use spells, not able to reach their expectations, he was
just trash. Just a thing.
So he gave up. He did not think anymore, he just did what he was told. Years passed and
passed. One day his teacher died, because he fell a victim to one of “Black magicians”.
He did not feel fear, guilt, anger, love or something else. Why anyway? He discarted his emotions so he would be able to withstand those years of punches, strikes, yelling....
Then, people captured that guy who killed his teacher, and brought him to his parents.
“Well, what don't we have here? It's the guy who killed my precious son's teacher.
Why don't you punish him Assirus?” his father looked at him after this question.
*Yeah, why don't I punish him? He killed my teacher after all. And maybe I'll be able to
make my family acknowledge me a little with this.* that's what he thought when he was
asked to punish the magician.
He was simple acolyte, nothing to worry about. Even if he wasn't surrounded by so many
people, years of extreme training made him more powerful, but also more antipathetic.
He was now able to use magic freely, normal magic available to all magicians and somehow, his teacher unlocked frost magic in his heart and soul. But still, his siblings were more powerful. His sister, strongest of the family, liked romance of all kind and music, was fire and thunder user. His brother, nature lover and book reader, was light and summoning user.
Their fighting abilities were more less the same. But the magic was making a big difference.
So, he reached the scared, depressed, hopeless and begging magician. He was saying
something about not killing anyone, something about being innocent. He was begging
for help of people, was trying to convince them by promising them money, power,
everything he had. But no one replied, they just were staring at him. It was making him
crazy. He was feeling this uneasy emotion. He knew it, it's his end, he won't be able to run away from them. Even if he prove himself innocent, they would kill him just for being
dark user. Hopeless moment, *I'm too young to die here. I did not even accomplish
anything* that were his thoughts. So, he made his last try.
“Hello little man.” that's how he started talking to Assirus, “I know that you don't really
want to kill me. You are young guy after all, you don't care about me being dark user
at all. Believe me, I'm innocent, I never killed anyone. I used my powers to do good,
everything I have done was for this world. For people! Why would you kill someone
innocent?! You want prove? I can give you one!! But not now.... spare me, please
and I'll surely show you that I'm not who you think I am.”
Assirus was staring at this pitiful man with his dark green eyes, not moving inch. He
was just listening, or that's how he seemed. When he stopped his speech, Assirus just
said, “That may be truth, but I too will do good for this world by killing you.”
Dark User now lost his last hope. After saying this, Assirus started approaching the man and started preparing the *Frost spikes* spell.
Assirus, staring into man's eyes, launched his spell. Two spikes pierced man's legs and broke his bones. Parts of these bones, sharped as spikes went through, pierced more of man's legs.
But that was not all, when spikes met with bones, they “exploded” and continued their way into the opened leg.
Next three spikes pierced his chest, broke his rib case and completely smashed his gallbladder.
But none of them hit the heart, so he survived even this. But the last one went through his
head, pierced his brain and made really bloody mess. Of course, that man did not
survive this. People shouted, were happy. Only Assirus was not celebrating. Why?
There was no reason, he was only 8 and he killed. But now, he was somehow special,
he now was different than his siblings.
But if he thought that it'll make some change in the family, he was wrong. They still
hated him and he closed his heart even more.
And he never got new teacher, because his father considered it too expensive.
He lived like that next 2 months, but then something happened.
On 25th of September, all family members were invited to attend his uncle's marriage.
Of course, they were too ashamed to take him, but still, invitation from rich uncle, was
invitation from rich uncle.
So they took him with them. On their way every member of family was silent and somehow feeling uneasy. They had to go through the forest, and it was awfully dark and quiet there.
Even birds were not singing.
Then, they were ambushed. By around 10 people, hooded people wearing black clothes, dark users (or death metalists) apparently.
They killed father and brother first. Then his sister finished two acolytes, but she fell as victim next. Mother, trying to save herself, started running away. Foolish move, they targeted her next.
The only one remaining was Assirus.
“So boy, what will you try to do? Will you fight? Run away? We know that it was you
who killed Gohan. So, what'll you do?”
Assirus did not say a thing, he just started at dead bodies of people, that were his family
only a second ago. He didn't feel guilty, sad or angry. Maybe a little scared, of death maybe, of the people in front of him maybe.
“I.......... I will not do a thing. It would be useless after all. I'm no good in magic and if my
siblings who were more skilled than me fell that easily, then there's no need for me to
even try. You may kill me, I won't even try to run away. It would be a waste of breathe,
because I would be able to run only 11km/h, that means that I would not get really away.
I would have only around 1 minute, so that means, I would be able to run only
180m. And that would not be enough.”
“Pretty smartass aren't you? Well anyway, we won't kill you just yet, because you are the one who killed one of us. That, by our laws means, that you have to take his place. If you cannot, then you'll be left here as the one who killed these people and then you'll be executed. So? What do you say?”
“I......... do not know...... it's probably better than being executed, but...... I don't know any
of dark spells..... so of what use will I be?”
“That is for us to decide, now come!” that's what one of them said and they went back to forest.
Assirus, with not many choices, followed them to become one of them.
It was the night when even birds were not singing. It was the night moon did not rise.

Maybe pretty boring..... maybe not... that's for you to decide...


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BJ's products of boredom.... Empty Re: BJ's products of boredom....

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