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Worst Final Fantasies ever

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Worst Final Fantasies ever

Post by Shadowed Luminous on Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:45 pm

List the top 3 most hated Final Fantasy games from your memories. Please provide reasoning

1.) Final Fantasy IX -I am so sick of people getting on their high fantasy horse and sticking the genre to a specific century. Zidane was probably the most annoying character ever and the only reason I say "probably" is because the next main character gave him a run for the title. I could not take many of the characters seriously

2.) Final Fantasy X - Perhaps the only Final Fantasy game that I spent wondering why they chose the lead to be the main character. They spent a good portion of the game covering Yuna and her endeavors , sadly they followed up on it with FFX-2

3.) Final Fantasy 11/14- Let's face it , at the end of the day they are pretty much the same and 14 has not even been released yet. If I wanted a MMORPG, I would download one of the literal dozens littering the internet at this very moment. Have they lost so much of their creativity that they sell themselves out so ?
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Re: Worst Final Fantasies ever

Post by Ryojin on Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:29 pm

My least favorite (I won't call them the worst, since that's just a subjective opinion) are 9 and 12. The rest I either liked or haven't played.

Why 9? I hated the settings mostly. I didn't find myself becoming even slightly attached to any of the characters at all, and it all felt like more of the same old crap in a 3d shell.

As for 12... Do I really need to get into that one? Yes, I do? Oh, alright... Let's see... Crappy voice acting, boring plot, annoying battle system, no likable characters, ect.


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