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Karaoke Playlist (Song Recommendations)

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Karaoke Playlist (Song Recommendations)

Post by D41V30N on Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:24 pm

Karaoke Playlist
Song Recommendation

The Karaoke Playlist - well, it is basically a place where you recommend others songs of the specific genre they desired. We all sometimes feel like that the playlist of our favorite genre is not as long as our heart desires. So, here, just name the genre, and the next person would recommend you his or her favorite songs or songs that you might like from that particular genre.
The mechanism is simple. The first person posts the name of the genre that he or she would like to hear from. The second person would then post FIVE songs that he or she likes or thinks that the first person would like from that particular genre. The second person would then post the name of the genre that he or she would like to hear from along with that same post. The next person would again post FIVE songs of that particular genre and ask for recommendations of a specific genre, just like the second person. And that is how our Karaoke Playlist would grow larger and larger. Who knows, maybe you'll find some of the recommended songs to your liking.

- - x - - X - - x - -


Person A:
Genre: Metalcore
(Person A's genre of choice is "Metalcore")

Person B:
Ill Nino - The Alibi of Tyrants
Ill Nino - Arrastra
Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions
Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire
Killswitch Engage - The End Of Heartache
(Person B recommended Person A FIVE songs from the "Metalcore" genre)

Genre: Alternative Rock
(And then, it is Person B's genre of choice, which he or she will do so after recommending the previous person the songs from the desired genre)

Person C:
Ra - Supernova
Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow
Poets Of The Fall - Lift
Flaw - Medicate
Fightstar - Mercury Summer
(Person C recommended Person B FIVE songs from the "Alternative Rock" genre)

Genre: Pop Rock

... and so on

- - x - - X - - x - -

Moreover, if you ask for recommendations from a specific genre but do not want recommendations from a particular band/artist, you can do so as well. For example, if I want recommendations from Punk Rock, but do not want to hear from bands/artists such as Simple Plan, New Found Glory, and Blink 182, then I would use the following format while posting the genre:-

Genre: Punk Rock (instead of Simple Plan, New Found Glory, and Blink 182)

Also, you are not allowed to post consecutively in this topic. There must be at least THREE posts between two of your posts (your previous post and your new post). Moreover, you are not allowed to recommed more than THREE songs from the same band/artist in one post.

Now then, shall we start building up the list? I'll start.

- - x - - X - - x - -

Genre: Alternative Metal


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